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A great image converter, editor and renamer, designed to work in batches
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FastStone Photo Resizer is a powerful image converter and editor that allows you to apply many effects and modifications to your photos. In addition, this tool also lets you rename them, specifying a template for the new file names. The program is designed to work in batches, which is very convenient if, for example, you want to rename hundreds of photos, giving them a sequential number.

The program's user interface may be a bit hard to understand at first, especially for beginners. Basically, it offers you two sections "Batch Convert" and "Batch Rename", which you can access through tabs. Both sections are pretty similar, as they include a file navigator you can use to locate your source files. Then, you can select the files you want to work with and add them to another panel. At this point, the differences between both sections begin, though.

If you are in the conversion section, you can select the output format among seven popular options: BMP, JPEG, JPEG 2000, GIF, PNG, TIFF and even PDF. Besides, you can tweak the specific output settings for each format, like the output quality for the JPEG format, for example. Curiously enough, this section also allows you to rename your photos by specifying a file name template, which is supposed to be the task of the other section of the program. Anyway, what is really important about conversion section is that here you can enable the "advanced options" window that allows you to resize, rotate, crop, adjust the color depth, brightness, contrast and saturation, insert texts and watermarks, and add borders to your image files, all in batches. Every available option offers you a full set of configurable parameters so that you can get exactly the results you need. Once you have configured the parameters for all the effects you want to apply to your image files, you can save your configuration to a disk file, to recover it later and save time.

The rename section of the program, on the other hand, simply allows you to specify a name template to rename your image files in batches. This, in fact, doesn't mean any improvement as compared with the "Rename" function offered by the other section of the program. The only extra functionality offered by the rename section is text replacement, which allows you to search for specific pieces of texts in your current file names, and replace them with your custom ones.

To conclude, this tool allows you to make much more than simple photo resizing, as its name may suggest. The most interesting features of this program are its batch-processing capabilities, and the variety of effects and edit functions you can apply to your images. Despite this program is for sale, you can use it for free if it's for personal usage.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Allows you to convert, edit and rename lots of image files with just a few clicks.
  • Can act as an image-to-PDF converter.
  • Allows you to save your configuration for further usage.
  • Allows you to replace texts in the file names


  • The "Rename" section of the program is almost useless
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