Extron Electronics - DataViewer

Extron Electronics - DataViewer

DataViewer is an enhanced terminal emulation program
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DataViewer is an enhanced terminal emulation program that facilitates analysis of RS-232, USB, and TCP/IP communication with Extron devices. The software allows users to send commands to a device and view the device's responses in ASCII or hexadecimal format. Command and response logs can be saved in text or HTML format.

The data display can be configured in several ways for improved analysis of data communication. Text colors and fonts are user-definable making it easy to differentiate between commands and responses. Four different screen view options are available for viewing commands and responses in the most effective configurations and formats.

With the DataViewer Control Toolbar and Shift Toolbar, you can customize up to 20 shortcut keys. Shortcut keys can be used to automate repetitive communications tasks. DataViewer is ideal for troubleshooting device protocols and determining device timing.

Main Features:
- Enhanced terminal emulation for analysis of RS-232, USB, and TCP/IP communications
- Facilitates analysis and troubleshooting of device protocols
- Enables automation of repetitive communications tasks
- Create log files in HTML or text for review and recordkeeping
- Timestamp sent and received data for detailed analysis
- Works with DVC-3 Data View Communications Cable to analyze serial data between a controller and a serial device
- Basic scripting language allows for quicker protocol verification
- Configure up to 20 shortcut keys

- Pentium II processor or later with a clock speed of at least a 400 MHz
- Microsoft® Windows® XP SP2
- 64 MB of RAM
- 5 MB of hard disk space
- A network connection with a minimum data transfer rate of 10 Mbps

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