eRepair PowerPoint

eRepair PowerPoint

It allows you to recover the information in damaged PowerPoint presentations
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eRepair PowerPoint is a handy tool that allows you to recover the information in damaged PowerPoint presentations. It supports both MS PowerPoint 2003 and 2007-2010 file formats. It behaves as a wizard, which makes it an intuitive and easy to use tool. However, it does not allow you to repair several PowerPoint files at once in batch mode.

On the first step of the wizard, you just have to select the source PowerPoint presentation to be repaired using a standard open dialog. Then the program will analyze your file automatically and will extract as much information as possible. It creates a temporary folder for the presentation repair to store all the elements the program manages to recover, such as images, charts, and sound files. Finally, the program will show you a summary screen, will browse that temporary folder and will launch MS PowerPoint to try to reconstruct your original presentation. Unfortunately, the success rate appears to be fairly low.

Finally, the program offers a few additional functions, such as showing you a log of previously recovered files and a history of all the source files ever opened, which you can also clear. Besides, there is a button to send a source PowerPoint presentation to the program's developers so that they can directly help you recover it in case you cannot do it by yourself for some reason.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Very easy to use.
  • Behaves as a wizard.
  • Supports both MS PowerPoint 2003 and 2007-2010 file formats.
  • Keeps a log of previously recovered presentations.
  • Allows you to send a damaged presentation directly to the program's developers for them to help you recover it


  • Does not support batch PowerPoint files repairing.
  • Low success rate at reconstructing the original presentation
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