Epub Reader for Windows

Epub Reader for Windows 5.2

Simple yet useful viewer and reader for electronic books in the EPUB format
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Though EPUB has long become the de facto standard for electronic publishing, it is a standard that some software and hardware manufacturers stubbornly refuse to acknowledge and support. This is the case of the Office suite of tools and the family of Kindle products, respectively. Epub Reader for Windows has been created to overcome the barriers that prevent you from reading EPUB files using any Microsoft product.

Though it cannot be considered to be the most sophisticated EPUB reading tool in the market, ERW does what it promises – it allows you to open and read any EPUB file. If the EPUB book happens to have some sort of table of contents, this will be displayed on a vertical panel at the left side of the application window, allowing you to jump to that specific page or chapter in a snap. Regrettably, that is all the navigation options you will get, which appear to be insufficient to make the most of the extensive possibilities that books in the EPUB format offer to the reader.

The program’s interface is clean and easy to move around through, offering a clear and comfortable view of both the text and the images contained in the EPUB document. You can zoom in and out the active page and go back to its original size by clicking on the icon provided. As the text in EPUB books is reflowable, your reading experience will not be altered in any way when zooming in on the active page.

There is one option though that is not present in most e-book readers out there – the possibility of converting the active EPUB book into a PDF document or a set of images in the JPEG format. Not that this extra functionality per se makes it a better EPUB reader, but it is an interesting and worth noting add-on, especially in a tool whose functionality still offers ample room for improvement.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Simplicity of use.
  • Nice interface, suitable for all kinds of users.
  • Allows you to convert your EPUB books into PDF documents and JPG images


  • Lacks most of the basic functionality expected from an EPUB reading tool
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