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eMusic Download Manager 3.0

eMusic Download Manager is an application for downloads from eMusic site
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eMusic Download Manager is an application provided by eMusic site providers for easy download tracks and/or entire CDs from their site. This application has to be downloaded and launched at the user PC. The way it operates is by creating a P2P channel between user PC and the eMusic site.

All downloads are in MP3 music format

The user enters the eMusic.com site and there's a search bar at the upper right part of the screen. By entering the track (song) title, artist name or CD title and pressing the 'search' button, the application starts looking for the desired music.

eMusic offers music by artists recording on independent labels, so this site doesn't have everything the user might look for.

Once the searching has started, the application shows the matches for the user selection on a list by Artist, Album, or Song (Track), so user can select which one to download.

User can 'preview' the song clicking on the speaker icon, and the application will play 30 seconds of the specified track

If the user search was set by album title, the program can download the complete album if the user press "download All" or track by track, or just a single track.

Downloaded tracks are saved in a desktop folder named "My eMusic", created by the application.

eMusic is a music download service by means of buying different bonuses: month, one year or two years. The higher the bonus selection, the more songs per month may be downloaded.

User can browse the eMusic site and watch the music catalog for making the desired selection.

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  • P2P channel insures fast and secure downloads


  • There's no way of downloading for free
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