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Quickly and securely access remote users' screens
Norm — 2 years ago
As a network-computer consultant, I have been using Screenconnect for 8 months now. This program is just fantastic. Believe me, if you decide to go with it, you will have no regret ... and I don't work for Elsinore. The service is good also. You install this software on one of your pc, in my case it is on my Small Business Server 2008, you have to open a couple of ports and you are ready to go. If you have any problem with the installation, they will help you. The big difference with Logmein, Teamviewer or else, is that you buy the software; you own it. So it's a one time fee. When I bought it, it was $325. for one licence and $600. for 2 licences. Yes you can use Teamviewer for free, but if you are a consultant like me and you use Teamviewer frequently, they will block you eventually. So, I had to look for something not too expensive, no montly fee, and I didn't want to depend on someone else's network. I asked my ISP to increase my download-upload speed, and I can connect from any computer, anywhere, to any of my clients computer quickly and easily. I never make comments on the Internet, but Elsinore deserves it !
Alan — 6 years ago
They don't have monthly fees and it works well on Windows and Mac computer
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