Efficient Sticky Notes

Efficient Sticky Notes 3.8

Create and paste virtual sticky notes on your desktop with this program
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Adhesive notes are a very popular way of writing reminders, to-do lists and other items. This program lets you create virtual sticky notes and "paste" them in your computer's desktop.
The program has a navigation panel that lets you create new notes and file those you have created so you can review them later. You can create groups or categories to classify your notes. Also, you can assign a priority level to each of your notes. The program also allows you to use different background colors instead of the default yellow, as well as your preferred font. You can set the transparency level of your notes, and whether you want them to be always on top or not. The program also gives you the choice of creating a backup of your notes and to change the interface language. You can choose between more than 30 different languages.

Maybe the main disadvantage of this program is that there are several free programs that allow you to create virtual sticky notes, although without all the features of this one. Also, please take into account that some features of the program are disabled in the trial version.

Victor Hernandez
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  • There are free programs qith pretty much the same functions
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