eAuction Watcher

eAuction Watcher

eAuction Watcher helps us monitor and manage all our auction bids/wish list
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eAuction Watcher is an innovative application that makes it possible to monitor and manage, within one interface, all our online auctions bids. This application lets us search for a particular item in several auctions/shopping servers such as Ebay, Aucland, Excite Auctions, Amazon, Yahoo! Auctions, and CNET Auctions.

We have the possibility to specify (from the searching options menu) one particular auction/shopping place, plus the category. After we have entered the details, we will be redirected to our default browser so that we can view what is available. If we find something that interests us, we may add one item at a time to the user interface copy-pasting its URL, or we can specify the place where we have viewed it and its auction number. Afterwards, this program will display all the necessary information, such as the auction number, the auction server, the description of the item, the auction price, the number of bids, and the quantity. We will be able to see the ending date of the auction, the remaining time, plus the retrieval time. We can set the alarm and determine the conditions for this alarm to pop-up. It is possible to print/save/import our wish list.

This program can be tested for free. This tool may prove useful for those people that are avid online auction users.

Review summary


  • Free trial.
  • Available in English and French


  • We cannot enter a bid within the user interface
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