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Find duplicate files, photos, folders, songs, contacts and messages
Guest  — 5 months ago
Please install Duplicate Files Deleter as this is the best software available right now.
John Harries  — Last year
After paying for a License Key for Easy Duplicates Finder I was unable to load the program. The message I received was that I had to allow some guy in Calgary Alberta access my computer to eliminate 'conflict' in order to install this software. Since I am not willing to allow that, I request a refund.
DQue  — Last year
This program is great at finding duplicates, but unfortunately the licensing program Webminds created is a nightmare. The licensing program makes it almost impossible for me to use the program more than 90% of the time. I have contacted Webminds support at least 4 times this year to have my licenses re-activated for EDF. (Their other products also use the same licensing program, so they can be invalidated easily also.) If any changes to my computer happen, and I haven't deactivated the license first, I can not reactivate the program without writing to Webmind's Support, and asking for them to reinstate the license. For Example: Windows 10 upgrade invalidated my licenses, as has installing a new hard drive, and any big update to almost any system software or if you reinstall the software, will require you to reactivate the license. They do have a way to deactivate your license first, then you can immediately re-install and re-activate, but... Webminds is not always at the forefront of my mind, I don't use this software daily, so I don't think about deactivating my licenses with Webminds before installing things like Windows 10. I didn't have to re-install EDF, but apparently my licensing needed to be deactivated and reactivated. It would be nice if I could just use the software without having to write them, wait a day or two for them to reset my license. At which point I can't use it because I've moved on to another project. Very poorly designed licensing program.
Manyprog  — 2 years ago
The program is good. I've used it to search for duplicates on my disk. There were many similar programs.
Insurance KB  — 3 years ago
Very accurate duplicate finder.
Review Harbor  — 3 years ago
Fast, easy to use, accurate. And it does NOT install any adware or viruses.
asphodelb  — 3 years ago
Very pleased with this software. It's powerful, flexible and very easy to use.
Guest  — 6 years ago
This program is very efficient and exceeded my expectations
Othman  — 7 years ago
powerful software
Braham  — 7 years ago
very user-friendly
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