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Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11.5

Speak words and they appear on the screen — three times faster than typing
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With Dragon Home, you’ll be surprised at how much productivity and creativity is inside you. Dragon understands what you say and how you say it. Simply speak words and they appear on the screen — three times faster than typing — with no typos. Tell your PC what to do and it does it. Use Dragon Home with your favorite applications to dictate reports, send email, surf the Web, update Facebook, and more. Once you start using Dragon you’ll wonder how you managed without it.

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Guest #32748436

Guest #32748436 Continuing from the earlier comment, I think it should let established customers like me receive no cost version upgrades, at least for a limited time.

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Guest #32748436

Guest #32748436 Even now, with the program well established it still has an Achilles heel, which is:
the DNS profile is corrupted every time my Windows (I have Windows 7 Pro). The 'Restore' action is implemented. If you copy a backup copy, then the program halts at Startup so you can select which of your backups you want to run.
I have paid out for two versions of DNS. I would have thought Nuance would have wanted to generate some goodwill and let established customers such as myself

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David Jones

David Jones Automatic voice recognition software normally reduces the manual transcription needs. But Automatic voice recognition technology is not still matured to produce accurate transcription for non-American accents, or with people speaking quickly or multiple speakers audio files. If you have more than one voice it is almost impossible to get a good transcript. Add to that any background noise or a weak recording and you can pretty much forget it.

So, after automatic transcription, you have to massage this transcription into the final form. Some of the massages are

Correct incorrectly transcribed words/phrases.
Correct punctuation/sentence breaks.
Define paragraph breaks.

For automatic transcription, you can refer


In this scenario, better to go for manual transcription. For accurate and cost-effective manual transcription, please refer:

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