It is a utility to manage n boost the download speed of your system
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Download boost is a utility to manage and boost the download speed of your system. By using Download Boost you can easily boost the download speed and so you can download large files quickly. Download Boost have an attractive green colored user interface you will surely like its user interface. Download boost supports pause and resume for broken downloads also. So you does not required to download a file again and again because it will keep your downloaded part of the file you are downloading and resume download whenever the connection is re-established. With Download Boost you can download multiple files concurrently and with high speed. Download Boost can boost your download speed upto 400%, because it downloads your files by creating multiple connections (upto 8 simultaneous connections) for each file. Download Boost also support scheduling so it means you can schedule your download jobs. It is very helpful for those who have limited data usage in day time but free in the night. So they can schedule their download jobs to automatically download files in night. It also has a download basket and full integration with internet explorer.

Manoj Goel
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  • Attractive user interface
  • Support pause and resume
  • Support multiple files download simultaneously
  • Support scheduling


  • Not a freeware
  • Simultaneous connection for each file is limited to 8
  • Integration with other browsers in not supported
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