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A tool for facilitating and speeding up online video downloads
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We all know that download speeds can be frustratingly slow sometimes. That's why programs like Download Accelerator Manager exist to make our lives easier.
This tool is specifically designed to provide a comfortable experience of downloading Internet files, specifically, Web videos and music. You only need to copy and paste the URL address of the file you want to download. Download Accelerator Manager is compatible with major media hosting such as YouTube, Facebook, etc. It can be used as a replacement for standard download managers in browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera and Netscape and can be used as a plug-in. The program itself offers a clear comprehensible interface with various options for adding files for download, sorting them by type and category, etc. You can pause and resume any download, remove files directly in the program, set up download options and view files.

There are options to adjust the program's functionality in various ways. You can set up the type of connection you have, so that there are no speed lags, approve of restrict proxy server use as well as passwords and access details. There's a scheduling tool allowing you to plan the downloading in a way that does not interfere with your everyday activity.

Overall, Download Accelerator Manager is competent and stable download manager with significantly increased speed, useful additional features and simple interface. It's one of those tools you get used to instantly and can't imagine living without after a while.

James Lynch
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