Disk Master Professional

Disk Master Professional

Comprehensive backup and recovery tool to safeguard all your data
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In order to prevent irrecoverable data losses from jeopardizing your sensitive information, Disk Master Professional offers you a full-featured backup and restore utility that will allow you to keep secure and updated copies of your OS, files, folders, disks, and partitions. The program is equipped with a toolbox that you can use to create bootable media, check your disks health, or clone your OS, disks, and partitions with ease.

Though Disk Master Professional is mainly about backing up your data to make sure you can recover them later if something unexpected happens, this versatile tool comes also with a set of extra utilities that add value to it. Its disk management tools, “hot backup” capabilities, zip functionality, or its backup management features are but a few of them.

With this tool, you can back up specific files and folders, partitions, and entire disks, as well as all the system files you need to reinstall your Windows OS in case of a major system failure. Backups come in various flavors – incremental, differential, or full backup. You can back up your files while you’re using it (this is what the program means by “hot backup”), and schedule your backup routines to guarantee that your recoverable data is updated regularly, deleting any old backup image in order to save disk space. Besides, the so-called “unattended backups” will clone your data even if your system is not idle. Restore operations are equally simple and rewarding to perform, and they include file, disk, partition, and system recovery tasks.

As said, Disk Master Professional comes with a set of extra tools that will help you to manage your disks in a convenient and safe manner. First, you can check your disks health by asking the program to perform a comprehensive disk surface test, which will reveal any block errors hidden on your disks. The “Hard Disk Health Report” provided will list all relevant information retrieved by the S.M.A.R.T. analysis, giving you a faithful and thorough overview of your disks condition.

You can clone your system to migrate it easily to a new computer or hard disk, shred files and folders once and for all, create bootable media, define a RAM disk to improve your system performance and the durability of your hard drive, or secure your disk against unauthorized access... The list doesn't end here, but I leave the remaining features for you to discover.

Disk Master Professional is not only a safeguard for your system files and other data – it is a toolbox that will allow you to manage your disks and other storage devices efficiently and without hassle.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Intuitive tabbed interface.
  • Useful extra tools and utilities.
  • Includes disk management features.
  • Different types of backups.
  • File zip capabilities.
  • Allows for scheduling your backups


  • No drawbacks found during the review
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