Directory Comparer

Directory Comparer

Directory Compare provides a comparison of the contents of two folders
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Directory Compare provides a comparison of the contents of two directories (folders) and the ability to synchronize the directories. It includes the following capabilities:
* Compare the contents of two directories, optionally including their subdirectories
* Copy and move files between the directories or to any other directory
* Delete or rename files and directories
* Open files in their associated application
* Synchronize the contents of the directories
* Print listings of the directories
* Export listings to comma-delimited or HTML files
* Get file version information
* Visually compare text and image files
* Find and delete empty subdirectories
* Save comparision specifications for later re-use
* Appearance of the program can be changed by choosing one of 60 provided skins.

Files in the selected directories are displayed side-by-side in a grid.

You can choose various display filters to limit the listing to files existing in both directories, files which exist in one directory only, or files in both directories with a different size or date/time.

Once displayed, files can be easily selected either individually or in groups and then copied, moved or deleted.

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