DirectFN TWS

DirectFN TWS

DirectFN Trader Work Station (TWS) is a benchmark trading application
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DirectFN Trader Work Station (TWS) is a benchmark trading application designed using state-of-the-art architecture. TWS is a user-friendly, sophisticated application that completely changes the trading experience through its rich interface, comprehensive market watch, detailed views, advanced tools, customization controls and market analysis strategies and patterns.

Main Features:

- Market Watch: Multiple watch list options, such as customized watch lists and sector-wise watch lists with value added conditional watch lists.
- Value added views: Volume watcher, cash flow analyzer, what-if calculator, market map, top stocks, historical data analyzer and currency rates are just a few of the many value added features in TWS.
- Standard views: Standard market data such as Market Depth by Order (MBO), Market Depth by Price (MBP), Detail quote, Time of Sales and indices for everyday decision making in TWS.

- Custom indicator builder: Create your own indicators for chart analysis.

- TWS Charts: A charting module with intraday and historical charts, and other chart options such as chart period views, time intervals, chart styles, and symbol comparison. Its distinct trade mark is a collection of 61 indicators, 25 strategies and 17 patterns for a comprehensive market analysis.

- Trading: Place orders with maximum efficiency through the use of the order book calculator for pre-trade analysis, basket orders for better order management and other order amendment features.

- Reports: View and print daily summary trade reports, graphical portfolio detail reports, trading summary reports and daily market summary reports.

- Personalized workspaces: Save your personalized workspace settings and user-defined shortcut keys.

- Alerts: Set up multiple symbol alerts to notify you of price changes that you are keeping an eye on.

- Portfolio simulator: Simulate the effect of market fluctuation over a mock portfolio.

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