It helps teachers and students to explore, analyse and understand the world
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DigitalWorlds has been specially designed to help teachers and students explore, analyse and understand the world around them.
This award winning GIS is easy to use, an ideal entry level GIS to help you deliver the new geography curriculum in a compelling and exciting way. It comes with a comprehensive range of maps and data for use right across the geography curriculum and in other subject areas.

DigitalWorlds will open a new vista of teaching and learning opportunities for both you and your students. With maps that range from local-level to world-wide, your students can explore their environment, navigating the maps seamlessly. In addition, students can use the GIS to create their own maps to display and analyse data in a powerful visual way. The possibilities are endless.

As DigitalWorlds is built using ESRI technology, your students learn skills that are directly transferable to higher education and the work place.

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