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Desktop Icon Toy 3.3

Desktop Icon Toy can arrange the icons on your desktop in various styles
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Desktop Icon Toy is a cool program that helps you to organize and place the icons on your desktop any way you want.
The icons' text or the icons themselves can be set to be hidden when we go off the desktop (or when the focus is on another window). Icon locking is very convenient, if you don’t want them to be accidentally repositioned. It often happens that the Windows setting “sort by name” can change the icons. So, we have an option to save the icon layout and restore them as we like.
The main part of the application is the style of the icon positioning. A lot of styles are available, like the heart, polygon, stars, spiral, etc, and this version (3.3) includes three new layouts. We may also create custom layouts and save them. I really like the “clock” style, where the icons are arranged in the shape of a clock with hour and minute hands. Moreover, it always shows the correct time.
The icon resolution can be easily set (which is not easy to do in Windows XP) to 32, 64 or 128 bits.
Many other settings, like the hotkey for the programs or text color, are also available.

Zack Martin
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  • Can reset your original icon position.
  • Can arrange the icons as a clock with realtime timing.
  • Show/Hide icons.
  • Lock desktop icons


  • A little number of preset styles for icon position.
  • A little bit slow at high icon resolutions
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