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Free Windows Admin Tools 2.8

Desktop Central provides a set of free Windows Admin tools
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Desktop Central provides a set of free Windows Admin tools.

It has a set of six tools:

-Wake on LAN Tool: To boot computers from remote.
-GPO Update Tool: To update the GPOs in the computers of the Windows Domain.
-Shutdown/Restart Tool: To Shutdown or Restart the computers in the Windows Domain.
-Software Inventory Tool: To collect the installed Software details from a computer in the Windows Domain.
-Join/Unjoin Computer Tool: To move a computer between domains or from a domian to a workgroup or vice versa.
-Remote Task Manager Tool: To retrieve the processes and programs running in a remote computer.
-Currently Logged On User Tool: To retrieve the user(s) currently logged on in a remote computer.
-Hard Disk Space Detector Tool: To retrieve Hard Disk space information of remote computers.
-Local Users/Groups Tool: To retrieve Local Users/Groups present in remote computers.
-Remote Command Prompt Tool: To execute and view the results of commands in a remote computer.
-Network Share Browser Tool: To retrieve the shares and their attributes in a remote computer.
-Laptop Battery Power Monitor Tool: To monitor the performance of battery systems in portable computers.

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