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deskPDF Standard Edition 2.5

Creates PDF documents from all kind of sources through its virtual printer
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The PDF format (Portable Document Format) has become the most popular file extension on the Internet, so, wheter you like it or not, you're gonna need to work with them. That's the moment when deskPDF comes in.
DeskPDF is a nice and easy-to-use application for creation of PDF documents. Not only creates them, but also provides you with display configurations, compatibility settings and else. Like others PDF creation software, it works as a virtual printer driver listed on the Printer and Faxes window of your operating system.
All you will see after installing the deskPDF is one more printer under the name “deskPDF”. From there, by clicking the right mouse button, you can access to the device's configurations as it was a regular phisical printer.
So, how do we create a PDF document? Well, you just create a document from any application you are used to work with and then just send the document to print through the deskPDF virtual printer. A pop-up window will show you the option you can set for your new PDF file. Let's take a look at them:
First of all, you choose the location where the PDF file will be created and the name to it.
Also, you have available the quality configuration where you can choose from four pre-set options: Standard (by default), Prepress, Printing and Web-Email.
Three checkboxes we have left: The “Open file in associated viewer” checkbox to automatically open the file upon creation; the “Send file as e-mail attachment” checkbox for automatc e-mail creation with new pdf file as an attachment upon creation; and, the “Display advances options” checkbox to show more options for the creation process. If you don't check this last one, you're ready to go and you only have to push “Save” button to create the new document. On the other hand, if you check it, an extension of the previous window will be shown containing three tabs to know:

General tab: to set compatibility options, title of the document, Subject, Author and Keywords.
Display tab: auto-rotate and Viewer preferences.
Application tab: to select the postscript interpreter and set some naming options.

A really cool option of this software is the drag & drop creation abilitiy. You wil be seeing (optional feature) an new icon on your desktop with the name “Convert with desdPDF”. All you have to do to create a new document is to drag & drop over it the document you want.
You can access to the software as well by clicking with the right mouse button on the document you want to convert and select the “Convert with deskPDF” option.

How much does it cost? Not that much. You can access to this standard edition for only 19,95 dollars. Besides this standard edition, the professional edition is also available. What you get for 10 extra dollars is worth to pay. Among the extra features the most remarkable ones are: 128 bit encryption, documents mergin, profiles for frecuent tasks, bookmarks, watermarks and others.

Juan Morán
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  • Minimum hardware requirements.
  • Economic licensed version.
  • 1 year free upgrades


  • Only English supported.
  • No free version available.
  • No document preview supported
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