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DDWidget Pro

DDWidget Pro simplifies the process of sending files to multiple recipients
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DDWidget Pro is a program that simplifies the process of sending files to multiple recipients. It achieves this by letting you create a floating icon called "DropBox", where you can drag and drop files to be sent. You can edit the settings for each DropBox, double clicking on the DDWidget Pro system tray icon. You can set the General Settings of the DropBox, such as the name of the DropBox, if it will appear always on top or not, if the newer files will overwrite the existing ones and if you want the program to process subfolders. The DropBox Layout tab will let you specify the size of the DropBox, use an image for the layout or one of the ready-made layouts. You can also set the transparency of the icon. Through the "Folders" option you will be able to set the destination folders for the files. The "E-Mail" button will let you configure the account you will use to send files, and the subject, sender´s name and SMTP server, along with other necessary details about the email account you will use You´ll need to enter here who´s going to receive the files. You can also set Filters or Alerts to customize even more the file sending process.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It´s a handy way to organize the sending of your files


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