Dallas Cowboys ScreenServer

Dallas Cowboys ScreenServer

Dallas Cowboys ScreenServer is designed to please and inform football fans
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Are you a football fan? Who isn’t?
Which is your favorite team? It doesn’t matter that much, really.
I am sure we all know one of the best teams in the country.
And we all know their famous cheerleaders, too.
Yes, you are right. We are talking about the Dallas Cowboys.

Dallas Cowboys ScreenServer is an excellent program designed to please and inform everybody about the different aspects of the famous football organization.
When you install it, it downloads several extra features, so you need to have an Internet connection.
It is a screensaver, but you can execute it manually at any moment.
I am sorry. This unique software is not only a regular screensaver showing you nice images.
It is a complete tool that will provide you with a lot of information.
When it executes, it starts showing you a slideshow with different photos of the players in action. Excellent high quality pictures showing the power, the rudeness and the gracefulness of the game.

At the bottom you have a toolbar.
Here you can choose to visit different places. You can go to the Club House, to the Players’ page, to the Cheerleaders’ page, and more.
You can have access to news about the team and the players, and many other interesting links.

I am sure that even if you are not a Cowboys’ fan, you will find this tool very interesting, informative, and entertaining.
But if you are a true Cowboys’ devotee, you will never stop looking for stuff right on your screen.
And all this for free!

Fernando Soni
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