CyberLink AudioDirector

CyberLink AudioDirector

Provides cutting-edge tools for editing and fixing audio tracks
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On par with the level of excellence of the entire CyberLink catalog of media-related apps, CyberLink AudioDirector offers you a versatile, full-featured, attractive, and well-structured audio editing, enhancing, mixing, and restoring tool wrapped up in a dark-colored attractive interface.

With support for all well-known audio file formats, this is a tool for music lovers and audio professionals alike. It has all the utilities and functions anyone needs to make their favorite audio tracks shine, but all clearly organized in a tabbed interface that anyone can navigate and use. Thus, all tasks have been structured into four main blocks – Edit, Restore, Mix, and Create CD.

Edit includes all the features you would expect to find in any other professional audio editor, a waveform representation of the active audio file and a visual timeline included. Here you can trim, cut, append, and adjust your audio file in any way you can think of and in the most intuitive way. Besides, here is where you will also find all the audio effects and filters that will let you personalize your tracks and even transform the vocals into the voice type of your choice.

Restore is one of my favorite set of features. Having been involved in digitizing, cleaning and restoring my personal analog music collection for a while now, I really appreciate a comprehensive set of noise reduction tools that can help you get rid of all the annoying pops and clicks that vinyls tend to carry, as well as of the background hum and hiss that cassette tapes invariably include and the clipping that digitization processes sometimes include in the mix. The full catalog of cleaning features includes a Visual Repair, which will late you locate visually in the audio spectrum whatever artifact is ruining your listening experience, and then dispose of it properly.

Mix not only allows you to put up to 99 audio tracks together in a perfect mix or to append one audio track to another seamlessly – this powerful mixing tool will allow you to manage and edit surround sound tracks easily, even if you don’t have a multi-channel audio setup at your disposal. Loop recording and multi-track recording are but another two of the features you will find in the Mix tab. Once you’re happy with your audio tracks, you won’t need to leave AudioDirector to burn them to CD, as the program includes its own simple yet efficient CD burner.

CyberLink AudioDirector is a comprehensive and efficient audio editing and enhancing tool suitable for both audio professionals and amateurs. As it works seamlessly with other CyberLink products, such as PowerDirector, it is also worth checking by those interested in serious video editing. Its high-end noise reduction set of tools will help you clean all your analog recordings in a breeze, while the Mix section will allow you to create your own multi-track digital mixes in the most rewarding way.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Attractive and intuitive tabbed interface.
  • Wide array of editing and enhancing tools.
  • Excellent virtual mixing desk.
  • Waveform audio representation.
  • Versatile noise reduction tools.


  • No drawbacks found.
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