Creative Karaoke Player

Creative Karaoke Player

Turns any song from your digital music collection, be it MP3s, WMAs or WAV files, into karaoke music
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License type: Commercial

You don't need to acquire special equipment or expensive karaoke discs to enjoy karaoke at home; everything is available from your computer with a Sound Blaster X-Fi sound card and Creative Karaoke Player.

Reminiscent of actual Karaoke machines, all the details, down to the individual knobs and buttons are realistically replicated in the interface to give you that authentic karaoke experience.

Similar to the "Now Playing" panel in Creative MediaSource or Windows Media Player, the Song List allows you to add a list of songs to be played in a certain order. If you desire, you can also save the list of songs as a playlist in Creative MediaSource by clicking the "Save As" button.

Creative Karaoke Player allows lyrics to be added and synchronized with a few simple clicks. Thereafter, the lyrics will be displayed and highlighted line-by-line as the track progresses, similar to what you see from actual karaoke videos. Once these synchronized lyrics are saved, they will be displayed whenever the track is imported and played in Creative Karaoke Player.

Creative Karaoke Player - impressive, efficient and powerful tool that helps you easily create your own karaoke party at your home.

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