Crazy Machines - New Challenges

Crazy Machines - New Challenges

In Crazy Machines - New Challenges 1.12 you have to build mechanisms
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Crazy Machines - New Challenges 1.12 is a game where you have to build working mechanisms.
These mechanisms will have to perform the tasks required by the game.

This demo version can´t be registered to become a registered version. Should you wish to buy the complete game (named "Crazy Machines Gold"), you will need to follow the provided link.

You´ll need to apply your knowledge in physics, in order to perform the required tasks, with the elements provided. You will have a robot that will start the movements, and some other elements like a candle, ropes, scissors, etc. that you will need to use.

You can use some already set experiments. In this demo version you will have only one, Domino Path. In this experiment, you will need to burst five red balloons. You will have 25 domino pieces lined up, a candle, two ropes, a pair of scissors. With those elements you have to achieve the required task.

There´s a character that will talk to you from time to time, sometimes mocking you, sometimes giving you hints.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It´s a nice puzzle game, with good graphics, physics and sound


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