You can easily listen to over 3,000 radio broadcasting stations
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CRadio is a program that will let you tune in to online radio stations and listen to your MP3 audio files.
This is not just one of the many programs available to listen to online radio stations - it goes much beyond that. It lets you record any broadcast program while you are listening to it. You can also schedule a recording to take place at a given time, thus allowing you to leave your computer unattended. CRadio is also able to play the MP3 audio files stored in your drives, either individually or by using playlists that you can create with this tool. You can also tell the program when to begin or stop playing your music. It also offers you a "talking clock" feature, telling you the time at given intervals. Unfortunately, this feature just works in Chinese, so far.

The program can be run in either Chinese or English. The default interface is in Chinese, but as it supports skins, you can download and install any skin with English text from the many available at the author’s web site.

Finally, I was able to witness an undocumented program feature: it can play video. At least, when you tune in certain channels (such as the Research Channel), an additional window will open, showing you a video stream.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It comprises in one program a lot of multimedia functions.


  • The default skin has some buttons in Chinese, but you can read the titles in English hovering the mouse over those buttons or changing its skin.
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