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Do you ever leave your computer copying lots of files to a backup device for several hours and come back to find that Windows has had a problem copying one of the files and stopped the copy process only five minutes after you left?
This can be really annoying, it then makes it much harder to copy across the rest of your files, and waists your time because you cant leave the computer to get on with the job.
Well Copier solves this problem, this unique application copies files from one directory to another and if a file cannot be copied a note is made and the copy process continues. This way all your files can be copied in one go, and you dont have to worry about leaving your computer.
At the end of the copy process a dialog box is displayed telling you which files could not be copied, allowing you to try again.
Key Features
Copy without user interaction
Copier can easily transfer files from one location to another with only a few clicks of the mouse. Once started you donot need to monitor the process, and you donot have to worry about it stopping when it reaches a file that cannot be copied.
Time saving
Because you donot need to monitor the process you can leave your computer and continue with a different task. There is no need to checkup on the process as with other copying products as any problems are bypassed automatically.
Pre copy setup
You specify whether you wish to overwrite files before the copy process starts. That way the process will not be halted in order to ask you what you wish to do.
Include / Ignore sub folders
You choose whether you wish to copy sub folders. This means that you donot have to waist time selecting individual files from a folder in order to prevent sub folders being copied.
Error list
At the end of the copy process an error list is displayed, this allows you to identify which files or folders couldnot be copied. This allows you to manually transfer any problematic files in one go, and prevents the copy process from being interrupted.

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vlc This is a very special piece of software. I baffles me why there is no other example of this way of dealing with information. Some CASE tools have this structure but applied specifically to sofware construction. I need software like this every day but it just needs to work with modern operating systems. Corel...please, either make the source-code open-source or do something useful with it. Who was the orginal desinger and coder??? He/She deserves a prize.
This systems allows you to store info about anything AND to store RELATIONSHIPS between those things and to store information about those relationships.... all 'on the fly'.

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