It is a program for converting video and music files between various formats
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Convertilla is a simple video converter that helps you convert among numerous multimedia file formats, both video and audio ones.
There are plenty of video converters on the market and unfortunately Convertilla is not one that I’d like to recommend forward. It lacks a basic functionality and an important feature that any decent multimedia file converter should have nowadays: the ability to batch convert multiple files at the same time.

Its interface is also rather dull and lackluster. Not only it feels outdated, but it also cannot be customized in any way. Though it provides some gadget profiles that should serve as a faster and easier way to convert to formats fully compatible with specific portable devices, these profiles aren’t customizable either, and the app also doesn’t provide proper, detailed info on the parameters of these gadget profiles. In other words, it says it can convert to, for example, files suitable for PSP devices, but it doesn’t say what exactly this means in terms of advanced parameters like formats or sizes.

There are also advantages offered by this app, such as the numerous formats supported, but they are less remarkable than its disadvantages.

Cutting long story short, Convertilla is a video converter that disappointed me, and that’s quite surprising considering that this tool is free.

Margie Smeer
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  • Free.
  • Easy-to-use.
  • Supports many formats


  • Doesn't support batch conversions.
  • Lackluster interface that cannot be customized.
  • The gadget profiles cannot be customized
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