Convert Multiple JPG Files To PDF Files Software

Convert Multiple JPG Files To PDF Files Software

A tool to convert your JPG images into PDF documents
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Convert Multiple JPG Files To PDF Files transforms your collection of images in JPEG format either into a single PDF files or into individual PDF documents, one for each image selected. This simple operation is performed through a single-screen interface, which allows very limited intervention from the user. The program resizes all the images to fit a standard A4 page.
The program itself is built around one of the options offered by many PDF converters – namely, the ability of creating a PDF file out of one or more JPG images. You can choose your images one by one or by selecting a folder which contains a number of JPG files. A simple functionality wrapped up in an even simpler interface, but there are issues.
Firstly, Sobolsoft’s tradition of re-using as many features as they can when developing new tools for their extensive range of products has halved the testing possibilities offered by the trial version of this program. Of the two possible output options available, the one regarding the creation of a PDF file by combining a number of JPG images has been made useless by the limitations imposed by the trial version. As you can only use one input file to test the program (a sensible limitation for other Sobolsoft tools), there is no way of knowing what a PDF file made out of several images may look like. This is not only frustrating, but also a not-too-good way of luring potential customers into buying a license for a product they cannot possibly try in full.
And secondly, and this is probably its most important drawback, the traditional lack of customizable settings seen in most of Sobolsoft’s products results here in an uncomfortable resizement issue. The internal settings of the program (which cannot be changed in any way), will resize any image you use to fit an A4 page. Therefore, images smaller than the standard dimensions of an A4 page will be automatically enlarged to fit, showing an excessive degree of pixelation. Images higher or wider than the limits of an A4 page will be crushed accordingly, resulting in the most bizarre shapes and in unusable distorted images.

Francisco Martínez
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  • All JPG files are resized to fit an A4 page, resulting in images with excessive pixelation, distorted images, or both.
  • No settings can be applied by the user.
  • The trial version does not allow users to create a PDF document with more than one JPG file
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