Compaq Connections

Compaq Connections

It will deliver information relevant to your specific PC model
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"Compaq Connections" is designed deliver a wealth of support information, tips, ideas, and special offers for products and services to enhance your PC experience and help you get the most from your purchase.

"Compaq Connections" is pre-installed on most Compaq Presario PCs and is enabled as you set up your PC and get connected to the Internet. 'Compaq Connections' will deliver information relevant to your specific PC model. Messages are delivered to your PC while you're connected to the Internet using only idle bandwidth so your Internet experience is not interrupted. 'Compaq Connections' messages will automatically appear on your desktop and you can choose to view them as they arrive or wait until later. Typically you can expect to receive 1-3 messages per month.

"Compaq Connections" does not access, collect, or store any of your personal information in order to deliver messages. It simply uses some very limited information about your PC (most often model number) to deliver information most relevant to you.

System requirements:

- You must be logged on as an administrator to install this update.
- You must have a Microsoft Windows Vista operating system.
- You must have HP Connections or Compaq Connections installed.

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