Communicate: By Choice

Communicate: By Choice

Communicate: By Choice is a symbol-supported learning and choices tool
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Communicate: By Choice is a symbol-supported learning and choices tool. Fully switch accessible and great for use on interactive whiteboards and touch screens.
By Choice includes the full Widgit Symbol set and a collection of more than 100 activities that are ready to use, or to edit quick and easily.
- Colour & shape
- Language comprehension
- Letter work
- Memory
- Number
- Science
- Sequencing & sorting
- Visual discrimination
- Word work

Easily change resources to meet content, level of learning and age-appropriate needs. Access clipart and import graphics to personalise activities. Use reinforcement and feedback in individual activities to help stimulate learners’ interest.

Independent learning
Activities can be arranged for individual students or groups to access. This enables the learners to work through activities in a specific order, allowing self-directed learning in the classroom. Printable certificates show progress and record achievement.

Customised content
In Editor mode, support staff can change ready-made content to make it more age appropriate, meaningful and engaging. It’s as simple as clicking on a new graphic, in the program or anywhere on your hard drive, and then clicking on the original graphic to replace it.

Communicate: By Choice activities
The activities cover a wide range of basic and curriculum tasks. Everything from very simple tasks for students with severe learning difficulties, to much more demanding cognitive tasks suitable for use in mainstream primary education and for all ages in special education. Teachers can easily allocate sequences of activities for individual students or groups.

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