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Code Snippet

Provides a single library of all the code you regularly use
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Are you a budding software developer? Well this one is for you.
When you start as a programmer and even when you?re experienced, often you need help in how to achieve certain tasks. So the first place you go is the internet, after hours of research you work out how to do it. But often code you use in one project will be used in many others, so to save you the time of searching the internet all over again, or hunting through you code to find how you did it before use Code Snippet.
It allows you to save the code, in a logical manor, enabling you to find the answer to your problem quickly and easily. You can divide your code into an infinite number of programming languages, and saves your solutions under simple easy to understand names, making finding the answer to your problem much easier. It provides a single library of all the code you regularly use and can double up as a code backup facility to ensure you never lose the source code for you prized applications.
Key Features
Organise Reusable Code
Code Snippet allows you to store sections of code that can be used in another project in a logical manor. It allows you to quickly view the method you used before when solving a problem, saving development time.
Multiple Languages
There is support for an infinite number of programming languages, allowing you to store all your reusable code in one location.
Time Saving
By storing your code in a single location Code Snippet allows you to develop applications using existing code. This reduces development time and improves reliability as pre tested code can be used repeatedly.
Backup Code
By using Code Snippet a second location for your important source code is produced. This allows you to more easily recover from any data loss.
Quick Copy Feature
Code Snippet has quick copy feature allowing you to easily export selected code, again reducing development time.

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