CJSecure USB Protection Tool

CJSecure USB Protection Tool

Keep your PC protected against virus attacks coming from your USB devices
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The autorun.inf file in USB devices is widely used by malicious sites to infect your PC with all types of viruses. As soon as Windows detects that a USB device has been connected to your PC, it will execute that file and every app referred to in it, malicious programs included. To prevent this, CJSecure USB Protection Tool (also known as USB Virus Protection) disables the autorun feature and thus prevents your USB from infecting your computer inadvertently.

The program’s simplicity makes it suitable for all types of users. All you have to do is launch the app and check the “Apply USB Protection” box in the program’s one-window interface. Then, connect any USB device to your computer and, after a few seconds, the “Protection Status” of your device will change from the “Not Protected!” sign in red letters to a more reassuring “Protected” message in green letters. Your USB and your PC are now protected against any malicious software program hiding on your device’s autorun.inf file. And like with every anti-virus and PC protection tool, believing that you, your sensitive data, and your computer are now safe is purely a matter of faith. The program’s lack of feedback during the seconds it takes until we see the “Protected” sign makes you wonder if the app is really doing its magic or not. Even then, I cannot help asking myself how I know that the program is really working. I have to assume that no news is good news, and that the program’s algorithm has blocked effectively any attempt to hijack my PC.

Apart from the possibility of enabling and disabling permanently the protection that the program offers, you have the option to disable that protection temporarily, that is, for a minute. When activated, this option will start a 60-second countdown that will enable your USB protection again automatically at the end of the minute, unless you uncheck the temporary protection box before the end of the countdown.

CJSecure USB Protection Tool is completely free and compatible with whatever anti-virus program you have installed on your system. Remember that this tool won’t check for viruses neither on your PC nor on your USB device, simply because this is NOT, strictly speaking, an anti-virus tool. Instead, this app stops Windows from blindly executing the entries stored in the USB’s autorun.inf file, thus, preventing any malicious programs in it from infecting your system unintentionally.

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  • Compatible with all anti-virus programs.
  • Protects your PC in seconds.
  • Allows for temporary disabling.
  • Saves protection settings


  • Scarce feedback

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CJSecure To test the application, you can insert a USB device into the system with and without the protected status, and note that with the protected status windows does not automatically open up any folders containing your files, or even pop up the autorun window to select your files/folders. Removing the protection status will revert back to the original settings and allow windows to automatically open the files.

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Neels This software is amazing! Does exactly as suggested!

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