Chilkat Mail ActiveX

Chilkat Mail ActiveX

It is a feature-rich SMTP client for sending email
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Chilkat Mail ActiveX is a feature-rich SMTP client for sending email, and POP3 client for reading email.

Main features:

- SMTP client for sending email.
- POP3 client for reading email.
- Works with Exchange Server (all versions)
- Works with all POP3 / SMTP servers
- Supports POP3 and SMTP SSL/TLS connections.
- Supports POP3 and SMTP SSH tunneling (port forwarding).
- Send S/MIME signed and/or encrypted email.
- Read S/MIME signed and/or encrypted email.
- Export and import email to XML.
- Export and import email to .eml (MIME) text files.
- Zip / unzip attachments in-memory.
- Check for email on servers.
- Verify POP3 / SMTP connections and login credentials.
- Secure SMTP authentication methods suppoted.
- Add attachments from files or in-memory data.
- Set connection and read timeouts.
- Set size limits when reading email.
- Delete email on the POP3 server.
- Copy email from a POP3 server without deleting.
- Fetch email headers.
- Events for send/receive progress monitoring.
- Get UIDLs of email on a server.
- Send email using Chilkat SMTPQ for background sending.
- Download email and sort based on date, sender, recipient, or subject.
- Set a bounce email address for handling bounces.
- Automatically handles international charset encodings.
- Can use file-based distribution lists.
- Send HTML email with embedded images.
- Send multipart/alternative emails with both HTML and plain-text bodies.
- Access attached message/rfc822 sub-parts.
- Acess attachment data in-memory.
- Set replacement patterns for mail-merge.
- Set return receipt.
- Set priority via the X-Priority header field.
- Add custom header fields.
- Add recipients as To, CC, or BCC.
- Save attachments to disk.
- Get attachment information: filename, size, etc.
- Return text file attachment data as an in-memory string.
- Get digital certificate information for signed/encrypted email.
- Enumerate over the header fields in an email.
- Find and unobfuscate the linked domain names in an email.
- Unobfuscate HTML email.
- MX Domain Lookup
- Explicit control over SMTP and POP3 sessions.
- SOCKS4, SOCKS5 proxy support for both POP3 and SMTP.
- HTTP proxy support for POP3 and SMTP
- Thread safe.

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