Bubbles 3D Screensaver

Bubbles 3D Screensaver

Bubble 3D Screensaver is a relaxing screensaver for you PC

Bubbles 3D Screensaver takes you to the 70s with bubble everywhere, nice colors that make great contrast with the background.
This is a very relaxing view. You can watch it for hours. Fluid spheres joining and creating forms over a black background. You can abstract of your troubles for a while, take a breath and come to the battle more relaxed. Psychologists and doctors say that relaxing exercise and joy is very necessary for people who spend many hours in front of a computer.
Well, you can relax in many ways and if you don't want to make exercises, you can sit down comfortably on your chair, leave alone the keyboard and the mouse, and spend some time with this screensaver. The more you see, the more you enjoy it, and price is pretty low for the quality of this software, only 14,99 dollars, that's look good to me.
You can't find many screensavers with such a good quality for that price.
And this Bubble 3D Screensaver works in any computer. You do not need a super computer to install it, just need some time to do it and then to relax and enjoy.

Claudia Liliana Timmer
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  • Magnificent shapes.
  • Amazing 3D graphics


  • Advertising is very annoying
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