Boilsoft Video Splitter

Boilsoft Video Splitter

An efficient application that will help you split your videos
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Boilsoft Video Splitter has one single purpose: it splits videos. Even it is not a complex application, it still needs to be worked on a lot. Boilsoft Video Splitter is not that promising as it looks when you first install it. It comes with a small number of settings and it isn't able to successfully handle certain video formats.

Although its developers claim that Boilsoft Video Splitter is “powerful” program, my opinion is that this application is quite unstable. It crashed every time I attempted to split MKV format (that was supposedly supported by the program.) Also, in order to split videos, DirectX is required by this application.

Boilsoft Videos Splitter doesn't impress with the configuration options that it has to offer. The only things the user is allowed to change are the splitting mode (Direct Stream or Encode Mode) and the output format. The program doesn't support batch processing, therefore, in order to split multiple videos, you need to input the same settings for each video.

Boilsoft Video Splitter is recommended to only those users that are looking for a simple and fast solution for splitting, cutting or trimming videos.

Margie Smeer
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Review summary


  • Supports many video formats.
  • Fast splitting process


  • Requires DirectX.
  • It failed to split MKV format.
  • Small number of settings.
  • It crashes often
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