BibleMax Robinson's Morphological Analysis Codes

BibleMax Robinson's Morphological Analysis Codes

BibleMax module containing Robinson's morphological analysis codes
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It is a known fact that the first versions of the New Testament were writen in Greek language, so if one wants to study these parts of the Scriptures in its original language, a deep knowledge of Greek is needed. Also, for comparison and critical studies purposes, one needs a code that makes it easier to determine the function of the different words in a phrase. Maurice A. Robinson, Senior Professor of New Testament and Greek at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in North Carolina, created a code system for determining the different grammatical connotations of a Greek word, allowing readers to better understand the true meaning and sense of the Scriptures. For example, the code D-APF means that a word tagged with such code is a Demonstrative pronoun, Accusative , Plural and Femenine.
BibleMaximum offers you this comprehensive code as an add-in for their BibleMax software. Although it can be a useful tool, it is not directly connected to any Greek Biblical module of BibleMax, unlike many other Reference modules, so its usefulness is limited. If you consider that this code collection would be useful for you as a scholar or cleric, you can download a copy from the developer's site. Don't forget to download and install BibleMax core software first.

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  • Comprehensive.
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  • It is not linked to any Greek Biblical module of BibleMax.
  • Very specialized.
  • It only works with BibleMax software
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