AutoPlay Media Studio

AutoPlay Media Studio 8.1

The professional AutoPlay Application Maker for Windows
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AutoPlay Media Studio™ delivers on the promise of rapid application development. What would normally take days or weeks to build using traditional software development tools (C, C , Java, Visual Basic) can now be created in record time – even if you’ve never programmed before. It’s perfect for making anything from AutoPlay CD menus and utilities to games and interactive multimedia applications – complete with web interaction, database connectivity, video playback and much more.

Main Features:

- Software Development that’s Drag and Drop Easy
- Visual Software Programming for Windows
- 20 Visual Objects = Rapid Software Development
- Easy Scripting Language with 865 Built-in Actions
- Expandable with AutoPlay Plugins and Addons
- Not Just Dependable: Battle Hardened
- Certified Windows 8 Compatible!

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