This program makes backup copies of selected list of directories you specify
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This program makes backup copies of selected list of directories you specify. You can configure Auto backup to make backups daily, weekly, etc. From the Configuration window you can setup the 3 basic options in order to run Auto Backup: 1. How do you want Auto backup to run, 2. What type of backup do you want, 3. What files do you want to backup. In the first option you can set: run Auto backup in silent mode, and record list of files modified to the diary to a selected directory. In the second option you can specify the backup directory and the type of backup and folder it will create for backup: backup all files, append today files as sub-directory, cyclic daily, weekly, monthly (appends a subfolder for each option), append year and month, quarter, and today date and time. In the third option you can specify and create path lists of folders to backup and exclude. At the moment of Run the Backup the Automatic Backup window will appear and will show the seconds Auto backup will start. But you can click in the "Manual" button to open the Manual backup window with all options to backup. You must to specify the date of saved files or select any date.

System Requirements:
Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, and XP. (older machines need VB6 runtime files).

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  • You can run Auto backup in automatic mode or manual mode, create list of directories to backup and exclude


  • It doesn't make file compression
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