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Auslogics Registry Defrag can compact your registry
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Registry fragmentation can significantly reduce your computer’s performance. Several tools have been designed to help compact and optimize the registry, and Auslogics Registry Defrag is one of them.

The application has a nice straightforward interface. In order to use its basic function, you just need to press a button for the program to automatically analyze the registry. While the analysis is being done, you will receive visual feedback of the process. When the scan is finished, you will get a report about the current registry fragmentation state and the calculated improvement in speed after the program has finished defragmentation. On the basis of these results, you will also receive recommendations as to whether proceeding to defragmentation is advisable or not. However, there is even a simpler way to do this and it requires no user intervention: it can be done by scheduling frequent checks and optimizations. These analysis will be done on a daily basis and, regrettably, you cannot customize any other frequency.

Unfortunately, Auslogics Registry Defrag cannot help you solve many other problems that interfere with performance. While it is true that the application can perform an overall evaluation of your system’s health, it cannot do anything about such problems as disk fragmentation and privacy threats, except recommending to install Auslogics BootSpeed, another program by the same developer. In this regard, the relationship between these two applications seems as similar as between the trial and the paid versions of the same program.

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  • It is easy to use.
  • It allows for scheduling scans


  • It can solve only registry fragmentation problems.
  • It cannot do anything about such problems as disk fragmentation and privacy threats
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