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AusLogics Registry Defrag 7.1

It's a very simple tool to defragment your registry
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Though many fail to correctly appreciate its importance, defragmenting the registry can considerably add to the factors that differentiate between a computer that performs badly and a computer that works as new. Auslogics Registry Defrag ensures that you can perform the registry defragmentation in a really easy way and with no effort at all.

The main advantage offered by this application is its simplicity and straightforwardness. It’s very easy-to-use: you just press the "Analyze" button and then you may check the outcome of the analysis and decide if the registry defragmentation should be performed immediately (involves restarting the computer) or at the next computer reboot. This decision making process is simplified a lot by the fact that this neat program also lets you know by how much your registry will be reduced in terms of its size as a result of the defragmentation and by how much the defragmentation will increase the registry access speed.

Another benefit of this tool is the fact that it performs a really fast registry analysis. This analysis takes only a few seconds, even on slower computers. Furthermore, Auslogics Registry Defrag lets you create a system restore point automatically before performing the defragmentation task, just in case anything unexpected happens.

In conclusion, though very simple and neat, Auslogics Registry Defrag is of great help for whenever you choose to defragment the registry.

Margie Smeer
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  • Simple and neat interface.
  • Accurate analysis results.
  • High registry analysis speed


  • Requires system restart in order to complete the defragmentation
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