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Music Studio 3 a tool to rip, convert, record, edit, repair, burn audio files
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Ashampoo Music Studio 3 is a useful tool for ripping, converting, recording, editing, repairing and CD burning from almost any music file. The application can also help to sort and manage the user music collection.

The ripping feature includes the track management from audio CDs and saves the selected tracks to the user PC, in WMA, MP3, WAV, OGG and FLAC audio formats. When working with comercial audio CDs, the application 'reads' all the CD information and details from online databases, for getting album and tracks titles, players and artists names, genre, etc.

The program can import playlists in standard formats such as M3U, WPL, PLS, P4U and AS. The playlists can be directly stored on the user PC or be played at once. Playlists can be transfered to standard CDs, data CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs with all the album and tracks information included.

The application allows editing any audio track for setting all the changes user might desire: change album and tracks titles, artists and players names, etc. and convert the audio tracks to a different audio format. Also, the user can adjust effects such as fade (in and out), audio volume regulation and/or normalization, convert audio segments into silences, insert silences with adjusted length, etc. Input audio coming via the installed sound card, such as line in, microphone, midi inputs, auxiliary, etc. can be directly recorded and saved in one of the supported audio formats. User can cut, mix, modify, change quality, add crossfades, etc. all the audio tracks. Long files can be splitted in parts to easy the files managing.

The repairing feature enables user to work on digital audio files and repair them (if possible). The application will find by itself which audio files are defective.

Audio files can be renamed in batch mode, by means of renaming patterns that can be stored for later use.

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