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Aptana Studio - Leading IDE for Web development and Ajax
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The Aptana Studio Community Edition provides a full-featured web development environment.
Aptana Studio's integrated code assist, documentation and API reference not only eases working with popular Ajax libraries like prototype, scriptaculous, dojo, jQuery, ExtJS, MooTools, and others, it also works for the core scripting languages and your own code. Plus, Aptana Jaxer is fully integrated into Aptana Studio 1.1 so that development of end-to-end Ajax applications requires no further installations or server setup. Just create a new HTML document and you can build fully realized client/server applications rich with database access, network access, and much more.

Aptana Studio offers unparalleled tooling for Ajax including HTML, CSS, DOM, and JavaScript editing and debugging, plus support via additional free plugins for PHP, Ruby on Rails, Adobe AIR, Apple iPhone development.

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