A tool to create your own gradients for your fractal arts
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ApoMap is a program which can be used for creating your on Apophysis gradient, which is used to give more coloring feature for fractal flame editing. For creating your own gradient, first you have to select the gradient choice from the Apophysis software and it should be copied and then pasted onto the ApoMap's new window. Once you have pasted the gradient, you can start making your own gradient. You can select the portion of the gradient to work with and then choose from the various options provided in the process menu like: Randomize, Smoothize, Grayscale, etc. for the ultimate result. The adjust editor of the program can be used to make the changes for hue, saturation, brightness, contrast or even the primary color combination. The graph edit function will help you to mix various colors to make or try new colors. There is also an option for you to copy and paste the parts of the gradient inside the editor. The final gradient you have created can be saved and can be used in Apophysis. Thus you can make your fractal art flames a unique identity with your own gradients.

This utility is a good tool for creating your own gradients for your fractal arts to give it a new look with some new color combinations.

R. Fernandez
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  • Easy creation of the gradient.
  • Options are vast in each of the editing function


  • Undo options should be provided for the editing functions
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