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Allway Sync supports synchronizing files on two different locations so that only their latest versions are kept. The tool uses ingenious algorithms to guarantee secure synchronization, which means that the process is protected against accidents, such as undesired deletion or overwriting. Moreover, if you need to perform frequent data backups, you can schedule synchronization jobs with a given frequency.

I was glad to find that the latest versions of the application allow synchronizing data from not only standard folders, external devices and FTP sites, but also from portable devices, encrypted archives and cloud locations. Transference can happen in either of two modes. In one-way mode only the files in the target location are modified, whereas in two-way mode, transfers may occur in both directions. Fortunately, the program can manage unlimited amounts of information. Another advantage of this utility is that it encrypts data while it's being transferred, so your privacy will be protected even if you’re connecting via the Internet.

It is too bad that the interface looks somewhat cramped, mostly in the way the results of the analysis are shown. Thus, although basic operations without many conditions are rather easy to perform, more complex jobs may actually require more expertise. However, I don´t think usability and sophistication need to be mutually exclusive, so a redesign of its interface could definitely make the tool easier to use.

In general, Allways Sync is one of the best file synchronizers available. As said, it has a steep learning curve before you can take advantage of all its features. However, if you don´t mind that, and accept the challenge, I think it would be very rewarding in terms of saving effort and time.

Pedro Castro
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  • It allows two transfer modes.
  • It supports various types of locations.
  • It offers protection against accidents.
  • It has no data limits.
  • It allows scheduling jobs.


  • It has a steep learning curve.
  • The interface needs a redesign.
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