Alice Touch Typing Tutor

Alice Touch Typing Tutor

A program that teaches you how to use the keyboard, through practical lessons
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Everybody is familiar with the cliche used in movies: someone using a computer and typing incredibly fast. To some, it may seem impossible to type so fast, but it can be done. It usually takes a very long time to get to that level. Alice Touch Typing Tutor can considerably decrease that time. Intended for both beginners and advanced users, it includes many lessons, each focusing on particular keys or sequences.

It is through repetition that we develop skill at something. The developers know this so they created lessons that are based on this principle. The lessons are very well organized, each one of them gradually increasing in difficulty as you go through it. The graphics included help you easily understand how to place your hands and what fingers to use for different keys. Even tips for body posture are included. Statistics are automatically generated to keep track of your progress. One of them is presented in graphic form.

Overall, this application is exceptional. The developers deserve praise because they gave a lot of attention to details. The trial version has only the first four lessons available. But it's enough to convince you that it's worth the money if you need such a type of software.

Alexandru Andrei
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  • User-friendly.
  • Well-made lessons.
  • Useful tips.
  • Graphical aids


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