AirXonix is a 3D arcade type game for the computer
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AirXonix is a 3D arcade type game for the computer. We can download the trial version and evaluate free of charge. We can also purchase it directly from the developer’s website. The registered version includes five different games: easy, classic, modern, hard, and extreme. Each game has several levels. In the free demo, we can only access the easy game with seven levels. We can customize the options for a better performance, such as device accelerator, video and emulation modes. Once started, we must move the helicopter across the field to make the space where the balls move smaller and smaller. Nevertheless, it is not an easy as that, because we must drive it very carefully and try to avoid touching dangerous objects, like balls, mines, etc., which can put an end to the game or take points from our total score. Whenever possible we can add bonuses by moving and meet the hearts, watches, money icon, question marks, etc. That way we increase our chance to get to the next level with the highest score and the minimum played time. We can see our score, playing time, and lives. It runs under Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, VISTA operating systems.

Review summary


  • Free Demo.
  • Customizable Video Mode.
  • Easy to use.
  • Full colored graphics.
  • Contains no violence


  • None
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