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This application helps you reduce your image files' size
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Advanced JPEG Compressor is an ideal application to reduce the size of your JPEG files. The program will help you to reduce the size of lots of your graphic files all at the same time. The best thing is that it will reduce the files' size significantly and their quality will not be affected.
There are multiple purposes for reducing your files' size. One of them is that when you upload image files to the web, it usually takes longer if the files' size is bigger. With one picture that wouldn't be a problem because it is a matter of seconds, but when you upload ten image files, or maybe a hundred, then the spared time should be taken into account.
The program will automatically reduce your JPEG files' size, but it can meet special size requirements if you set the program correctly to do that.
Advanced JPEG Compressor is not only a program to reduce your files. It also enables you to convert your JPEG files to other formats such as BMP. Moreover, the program lets you edit your image files with several functions. You will be able to remove someone's red eyes, crop the image to a desired size, rotate the picture, increase or decrease the brightness and the contrast, and much more.
You can add many pictures to the program's main window. When you add a picture, the original file will be displayed at the left side of the program, and just at its right side, you will see quality of the compressed JPEG file. The program will let you know what was the original file size and which is the actual file's size.
Thankful its simplicity of use, Advanced JPEG Compressor can be used by people without any experience with this kind of software.

Sebastian Fernandez
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  • It lets you convert image files from GIF, TIFF, PNG and BMP to JPEG files.
  • Reduces significantly your JPEG files.
  • It comes with editing tools


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