Advanced Date Time Calculator

Advanced Date Time Calculator

Calculates past or future dates and the difference between two times or dates
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Be it just of curiosity; because we need to know in advance the weeks, days, or hours remaining until a certain event takes place; or to organize our or someone else’s medicine schedule, Advanced Date Time Calculator is a date and time counting tool that will tell you with down-to-the-second precision the lapse of time between two dates, among other useful calculations and curiosities.

This excellent time and date calculator is not only accurate but also fast, as it shows all results in real time. As soon as you select a new date or you add or subtract a year, month, week, day, hour, minute, or simply a second, the program will display an immediate response. You can add any amount of years, months, weeks, etc., to a base date and time and the program will tell you right away the date and the exact time on that day, either in the past or in the future, to which your time addition or subtraction refers.

Probably the most common date-related questions that we ask ourselves are “how long since” and “how long until” a certain event in the past or the future, respectively. Advanced Date Time Calculator calculates the difference from between two given dates instantly and gives you the exact amount of time elapsed between them, from years to seconds, both as an integrated amount and in time units. If you happen to be curious about how many weekdays, weekends, Mondays, or Thursdays there are or were between two dates, you can also ask the program to do that for you, or convert a certain amount of years, months, weeks, days, etc., into the total amount of months or seconds they represents altogether.

This tool is also useful to know the time differences between time zones. You just have to select a date and time, a base time zone, and compare with another of the various time zones in the globe to see what time and what day it is there according to the time difference between both zones. Actually, apart from the one-to-one comparison you proposed, all time zones are updated in real time and displayed on the list below, so that you can just scroll down and browse the results for any other time zone in the planet. Finally, programmers and UNIX or Linux lovers will be happy to learn that this tool also gives them the equivalent UNIX date for any date they choose both in seconds and in days.

Advanced Date Time Calculator may not be an affordable app for everyone, but it is certainly an extremely useful tool for those in need of an accurate and fast program that makes all those complex time and date calculations for them in an efficient and effortlessly way. The trial version will block your testing for a number of endless and annoying 1-minute periods – it won’t prevent you from trying all its functionality, but it will certainly make the whole experience less gratifying.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Real-time calculations.
  • Comprehensive and highly precise results.
  • Customizable weekends.
  • Wide range of date conversions.
  • UNIX dates for programmers


  • Annoying 1-minute time locks in the trial version.
  • Pricey
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