Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2.0

PS Lightroom lets you transfer, edit, make presentations and print your photos
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Adobe launched "Adobe Photoshop Lightroom", an elegant environment to perform, from just one application, all the actions that need to be done after taking a photo - that is, transfer it to the PC, edit it, and, finally, create a presentation or print it. The natural process starts by importing the photos to your PC. At this moment comes in action Lightroom's complete and intuitive cataloging system, whose only drawback is its speed when one tries to import many images at the same time. Apart from this, it is very powerful.

The second step is editing the photo, and for this purpose Adobe Photoshop Lightroom offers one of the most complete adjusting systems ever seen. The fact that it contains 60 different adjustment types says it all. These adjustments range from the classic brightness and contrast to tone (an interesting one), luminosity, exposure, saturation, color temperature, white balance, and so on, along with the powerful noise reduction, smoothing and focus filters. Finally, Adobe Lightroom has a pretty convenient system for printing photos, offering different ways of distributing them on one page.

Daniel Zambrano
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  • Importing, cataloging and searching for photos is really easy.
  • Loads of adjustments.
  • Customizable exporting system


  • Not free.
  • Slow when you try to import many photos at once
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