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Flash Player Standalone is a free program designed to play Flash format files
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sharewarepot Thanks for sharing Adobe Flash Player with us, I must try to visit this site again and again.

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J It is really unbelievable that they force you to pay for a program.

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Guest #44468978

Guest #44468978 This software is the best for me.

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taufique Very nice.

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Jerry Flash player will not install on my Windows 7 computer.

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orwin porter

orwin porter How to download Flash Player on my PS Vita?

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njoku cyril

njoku cyril I love Adobe Flash Player.

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Guest As of late, between constantly crashing and the headache of updating, its become a royal pain in rear. While I don't know if the fault lays with Flash itself, or the poor coding by content sites, I'm looking at alternatives such as HTML5 and using my Linux Server using Gnash and Lightspark to access the news media. As Linux/Lightspark doesn't seem crash as often as Flash/Windows does, I suspect that its Flash is the problem.

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Guest How do you open this program? I need help.

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7horn3 Once you've downloaded Flash Flayer it is accessible in the control panel. smile

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Guest I am being pestered constantly by a popup that is asking me to allow the installation of Adobe Flushruntime by Adobe Systems Incorporated.

I keep indicating "Don't Allow" or X (Cancel) but the popup insists on showing up.
I already have and use FlashPlayer and I have no need for another one.
But the way, this "Allow" button option is no working. I am using I.E. 9.

I would appreciate the suggestion of a solution to get rid of the popup.

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Guest This is rubbish software which creates problems in my Google search. And I don't want it more.

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ushan kavinda

ushan kavinda Is this working on touchscreens?

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Guest I have no problem with Adobe Flash - but I HATE that whenever I go to update an Adobe product, they try to force Google Chrome and toolbar down my throat. The checkbox to "unchoose" these downloads is almost invisible on on the screen. Whenever a company tries for force a product down my throat, my instinct is to puke it back up at them. I will NEVER use Google Chrome - not until they stop the aggresive marketing.

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ReZa Thanks for your great upload. You have the best site of application.

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Jamie Brown

Jamie Brown It's very useful plug-in even essential I should say.

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